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Departmental Awards

Georgette Bennett Fellowship in Applied Sociology:  NYU Sociology has received a generous gift from our distinguished alumna Dr. Georgette Bennett, which will establish the Georgette Bennett Fellowship in Applied Sociology.  Students who have completed 24 credits of coursework in the doctoral program are eligible to apply.  The fellow--of which there will be one annually--will receive a $25,000 nine month stipend (plus benefits) during which period the fellow will be seconded to a non-academic institution in the private, public or non-profit sector.  This fellowship does not replace, but rather supplements, the MacCracken support (i.e. outstanding MacCracken support is deferred).  After a fellow and alternates are selected, the career office and department officers will work with the student to find an appropriate, challenging placement that suits her/his interests.

In addition to the fellowship support, Dr. Bennett is financing an annual one-day workshop to be held in late January on "Sociological Careers Outside the Academy."  This will provide a unique opportunity to be exposed to exciting individuals who will demonstrate the impact of sociology outside the college/university setting.  Attendance at this workshop is part of the application requirements for the fellowship.

Herbert Menzel Memorial Fellowship:  $750 for grad students to use towards quantitative methodological training.  Interested grad students apply by sending brief course proposals to the chair.

Dennis Wrong Award:  $300 award and an engraved plaque for the best paper by a graduate student in the department.  Awarded at the end of spring semester.