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Lynne Haney

Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. 1997 (sociology), California (Berkeley); M.A. 1992 (sociology); B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) 1990 (sociology), California (San Diego).

Office Address: 

Puck Building, Room 4122, 295 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012

Office Hours: 

Thursdays 11:00 - 12:00 PM, or by appointment.


(212) 998-8373

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Gender Studies; Law and Punishment; Political Sociology; European Studies; Ethnographic Methods.

Research Description: 

Most broadly, my research examines how states shape and regulate a variety of social relations, particularly gender relations. My early work centered on state systems of welfare—on the development of welfare policies and practices in both the United States and in Eastern Europe. More recently, my research shifted to focus on punishment—and on how the institutions of social control and confinement shape the lives and livelihood of those connected to them. My current research project examines how the state systems of punishment and of child support enforcement have become intertwined in the contemporary U.S. and how this intersection shapes men’s integration into work and family networks. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Justice, this research analyzes the webs of laws and policies that link incarceration and child support as well as the experiences of parents caught in these webs. The study is based on two years of ethnographic research in child support courts in Florida, New York, and California—and 150 interviews with formerly-incarcerated fathers who live amidst the competing pulls of the criminal justice and child support systems.

Curriculum Vitae

External Affiliations:

American Sociological Association; Sociologists for Women in Society; Social Science History Association; European Social Science History Association; Society for the Study of Social Problems.


Fellowships (select)

National Science Foundation and National Institute of Justice(co-sponsored). Project: “The Effects of Child Support Debt and Imprisonment on Men’s Community Integration” (2014-2016)

Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, Hungary (2013-2014).

Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice (2010-2011).

Fulbright New Century Scholar (2004-2005).

Honors (select)

2011 American Sociological Association Award for Best Book in Crime, Law, and Deviance.

2004 American Sociological Association Award for Best Book in Political Sociology.

2003 American Sociological Association Award for Best Book in Sex and Gender.

1999 American Sociological Association Award for Distinguished Contribution Scholarship in Sex and Gender.


Offending Women: Power, Punishment, and the Regulation of Desire. University of California Press, 2010.
Families of a New World: Gender, Politics, and State Development in a Global Context. Edited with Lisa Pollard, Routledge (2003).

Inventing the Needy: Gender and the Politics of Welfare in Hungary. University of California Press, 2002.

Global Ethnography: Forces, Connections, and Imaginations in a Postmodern World.
Michael Burawoy et al. University of California Press. 2000.


“Observing Prisons, Conceptualizing Punishment: Ethnography and the Possibility of Theory.” In Jody Miller and Wilson Palacios eds. Advances in Criminological Theory. Transaction, 2015.

“Motherhood as Punishment: The Case of Parenting in Prison.” Signs, Fall 2013.

“Working through Mass Incarceration: Gender and the Politics of Prison Labor from East to West.” Signs, Fall 2010.

“Gender, Welfare, and States of Punishment.” Social Politics, 2004

“Married Fathers and Caring Daddies: Welfare Reform and the Discursive Politics of Paternity” (with Miranda March). Social Problems, 2003

“Feminist State Theory: Applications to Jurisprudence, Criminology, and the Welfare State.” Annual Review of Sociology, 2000.

“Homeboys, Babies, Men in Suits: The State and the Reproduction of Male Dominance.” American Sociological Review, Vol. 61, No. 5.

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